Heartbreak at the Convo

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Student section on fire tonight šŸ”„

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Tonight my alma mater, theĀ Miami Trace Panthers, took on Fairfield Union in the District championship game at the Convocation Center in Athens, Ohio.



The last time the Panthers made it this far was back in 1998, my senior year. Unfortunately, tonight was the end of the road for this year’s team. In the last second of the game, Darby had a chance to win the game for the Panthers, but the ball bounced out as the buzzer sounded.



From the Record-Herald:

Darby Tyree was able to retrieve the ball, but he had no time to pass to a teammate or set himself for a good look. He had to grab the ball, turn, jump and shoot, all in one motion and the higharching shot appeared for all the world to be headed into the basket for what would have been a thriller of an all-time game-winning ending for the Panthers.

Instead, as fate would have it, the shot, in the air as the horn sounded, rimmed out.